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What is Inquisit?

If you have arrived at this page, you have likely either participated in a research study, or you are considering doing so. Inquisit Web is an web application that enables psychological and behavioral researchers to design and administer a wide variety of psychological measures over the web. The app enables visual/audio presentations and response time measurement with high timing precision required by many commonly used psychological measures.

The app is completely harmless and can be easily uninstalled after a session. Millisecond Software's revenue is generated entirely by software licensing fees paid by researchers. Inquisit Web does not involve any advertising schemes, promotions, or any other funny business besides enabling web-based psychological research.

The app can be downloaded and installed for free directly from the page the researcher sent you to. There is no need to download any of our fee-based products - these are for researchers who wish to conduct studies. To participate in a study, you need only install the free web app from the web page for your study.

Please see our troubleshooting page if you are having problems launching an experiment.

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